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Aggression Mechanics - "How The F*ck Did He Do That?"

Aggression mechanics is just a fancy term used to describe EVE Onlines "Loading Bar" We PVP vets like to call it "Aggression Mechanics" because it impresses Carebears and Noobs like you

But seriously . . .

EVE's little loading bar is what separates the winners from the epic-fail losers. There is allot to all of this, but I am going to attempt to streamline it as best I can for simplicities sake. To best do this and avoid a massive wall of text that will make your brain hurt and your eyes bleed, I will use bulletins!

What Every PVP'er Needs To Know

I). When EVE is "Loading" essentially the game freezes up for either you, or the other guy that's trying to shoot at you. You need to know that the game "Loads" for approximately 10-20 seconds (It used to always be 30 seconds but recent changes to EVE has made the load time shorter) Technically we call this a "Session Change" but in reality it is just a stupid loading bar.

II.) This happens when you Undock, Dock, Join A Fleet, and Cross A Stargate. Yes . . . EVE Online loads just like a Playstation 3.

So Yea, EVE Has A Loading Bar? So How Does This Help Me Kick Ass In PVP?

Well for starters, when you undock you are COMPLETELY INVULNERABLE for a full 10-20 seconds, provided that you don't give any commands to your ship. That means no direction changes, no modules activated . . . nothing. You are totally invulnerable, you can't even be targeted. This is because of the "Session Change"

Wait So Dumb Carebears Afraid To Undock In Wartime . . . Really Are Just Being Dumb Carebears???

Well. . .yea. I am not writing this up to tread softly. Unless you just happen to be undocking from one of those "Kick Out Stations" that eject you past the docking perimeter, you can undock into a massive blob of hostile ships and simply redock after 10-20 seconds without an issue. They can't even target you. If you don't believe me, grab a friend and test this out for yourself.

Pro Tip: You can hit Ctrl-Spacebar on your keyboard and stop your ship without breaking your invulnerability. That comes in handy when playing docking games on a station that has a tiny docking perimeter.

I have read on the official E-forums more then once, that people wish that they could see what is sitting outside of their station during wartime. Well...stations don't need windows because they have Session Change Timers! 8-)

NOTE if you join a fleet, you wont be able to cross a stargate for 10-20 seconds because entering a fleet causes a Session Change. This is especially important if you are passing through hostile territory, because if you don't realize this you will be stuck there sitting on a Stargate until the Session Change


I Am Going To State This As Simply As Possible

If you SHOOT AT ANYTHING in EVE Online, you are committing yourself to a full 60 seconds of combat. As soon as you open fire with your guns, you have what is called an "Aggression Timer" and that timer, unfortunately, is completely invisible [meaning that there is nothing you can do to the client to make it visible]

The "Session Change Timer" and the "Aggression Timer" are two separate things. I'll say it again and underline it for good measure they are TWO separate things!

Did I mention that the Session Change Timer and The Aggression Timer are Two separate things yet? Wink

When you have an Aggression Timer [which is different then a Session Change timer] you can't dock at a station or cross a Stargate. This is one of the most important things that you will have to remember in PVP, because THIS alone will make or break everything that you do. So pay very close attention to this next part . . .

So This Guy Named "Bill" And This Guy Named "Spooge" Are Sitting Outside Of A Station

Now, Bill belongs to a small 10 man corporation, where as Spooge belongs to a much larger 100 Man Mercenary Alliance. Bill is pretty much screwed because his CEO never logs on and the rest of his corp are inactive. Bill however is a smart Pod pilot, and he has read this thread about Aggression Mechanics. Bill knows that as long as he is chilling at 0km near a spacestation, he is 100% safe from Spooge's evil mercenary alliance [I hear they torture kittens :shock:]

So yea, Spooge is a major dick, so he trash talks Bill and starts shooting at him . . . hoping that Bill will get pissed and fire back. What Spooge is looking to do, is make Bill have a 60 second Aggression Timer so the rest of Spooge's 12 man gang [who are all waiting in the next system] can jump into system and push Bill's Sh*t in 12 VS 1.

Bill, being the smart man that he is [because he read this forum post about Aggression Timers] does not fire back, and because he doesn't he can instantly dock back into the station. He knows that if he had fired back, he would have been unable to dock for a full 60 seconds, and very soon their after he would have had a sore backside. Being gang banged by 12 pilots is a very unpleasant experience. Bill then commences to undock, and redock over and over again just so he can piss off Spooge . . . and since you are invulnerable for 30 seconds after you undock [do to "Session Change Timers", which are totally different then "Aggression Timers" Clear on that yet? Wink ] Spooge can't do a damn thing about it...

Bill, having his fun, then decides that he has had enough and leaves system. The only thing is that he chooses the wrong stargate Shocked and suddenly he his looking down the barrels of 12 hungry prison inmates looking to have their way with him. Is Bill done for?Huh

Yes Or No? [The Answer Is No]

Bill, being the smart man that he is [because he read this forum post] knows that if he burns back to the stargate, AND DOES NOT FIRE BACK he will NOT have an Aggression Timer and he will be able to pass through it. His attackers however will have aggression, because they all will be shooting at him. Bill knows that if he can just make it back to the gate, he will have an easy getaway. Without aggression he will be able to pass through the stargate and yet his attackers, who have aggression, will be stuck sitting in that system for a full 60 seconds . . . giving him more then enough time to escape.

So Bill Burns Back To The Gate, he overheats his MWD and his Armor Repairer and just barely makes it back to the Stargate. He jumps through . . . his attackers cant. Bill is safe, and what is even better is that he meets Spooge on the other side . . .

Do You See What Bill Has Just Done?

He has created a window of 60 seconds where Spooge's 12 man fleet cannot come to his aid. He has isolated Spooge from the rest of his fleet, and 60 seconds is long enough for Bill to splatter Spooge's brains all over his windshield . . . Bill kills Spooge, docks and feels pretty damn good about himself afterward.

Bill then thinks about how glad he is that he read this post and paid very careful attention to what Eternum Praetorian wrote here. . .

Divide, Isolate, Kill And Conquer

Do you remember how I said "You will be learning how to force Solo PVP and small gang encounters upon the enemy?" You know, in the very first section entitled "The PwnedZone" that you were supposed to read? :lol: This is what I was talking about . . .

Remember the lessons of Bill And Spooge young one. Eve's invisible loading bar makes you invulnerable for 10-20 seconds, and Aggression Timers means you can't dock or cross a stargate for 60 seconds BOTH can work to your advantage! And if you want a video representation of someone accomplishing this Kil2 is your man.

^^^^ Go to that link, and download the Video "Ursa Unleashed" Fast forward to 13:40 and watch the master at work.

"I wan't to try and show you how I solo roam in a Battlecruiser. Here I jump into a gate camp one hop from Empire. Obviously this is too much to engage at once, so I have to try and split them up." -- Kil2

The reason why he can do what you see him do in that video, is because he understands how EVE's invisible timers work. Don't out blob your enemy, Divide them, Isolate them, Kill them all and Conquer them All!

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