Sunday, March 18, 2012

Club Bear Instructional Videos - Your New PVP Bible

Club Bear is a corporation that both Pwned Factor and The Seventh Day have close ties with. The videos made by Kil2 are famous throughout EVE Online and they are the closest thing to bonafide "PVP Instructional Videos" that you will ever see.

Club Bear Video Linkage
(link Below)

If you have any problems playing these videos [because they are MKV video files] download this video player. VCL player is actually pretty awesome, it literally plays anything. It is free and clean of all spyware, so just ignore the advertisements on the main page and you're good to go Grin

Link Below:

ONE OF THE BEST THINGS that you will get to see in these Club Bear videos are how and when to overheat your modules in PVP. This is something that is truly impossible to explain, and being able to watch the hands of a master at work is simply priceless. Wink


I strongly urge you to watch the video titled "Seven" in full, from beginning to end, at least once. This requires just 27 minutes of your life which is nothing in the grand scheme of how much time we waist playing EVE Online. That single video will demonstrate to you what is possible in PVP if you just take the instruction that you will receive here to heart. All of this is for you, the new player, all you have to do is learn how to apply the knowledge that has been provided to you in these guides towards your game play. In the "Seven" video, you will see ships from almost every race do things that you did not think were possible.

And you will also learn the meaning of "Konichiwa Bitches!" Cheesy

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