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How to setup the Singularity test server

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Using the Sisi Launcer!

Sisi Launcher Download:

1. Download Sisi launcher and save it at a location of your choice
2. Start the Sisi launcher (allow the tool to make changes to your computer, when asked)
3. Specify the path to the Singularity client (can be an existing one or a new folder)
4. Check the "Start log server" box, if you want to run logserver (from the client folder)
5. Click the "Click to play EVE on Singularity" button
6. If there is no client in the location you will be asked for the path to your TQ client
7. Wait while the client copies, verifies and patches (can take some time)
8. Login to Singularity

If you fail at this try the manual installation described below.

Manual Sisi Client Installation

Windows As Singularity is most of the time running a different code version than Tranquility, you will need to create a separate EVE folder to connect to Singularity.

The EVE University PDF

Shortcut for Singularity (Win7)

1.Create a separate folder for your test client ( i.e "C:\evetest")

2.Copy everything from your original EVE folder (by default located at "C:\Program Files\CCP" ) to the new ("C:\evetest").

This step is important, since patching the test client will render it incompatible with the Tranquility server.

3.Create a shortcut for the new eve.exe file inside C:\evetest

4.Right click on the shortcut and select properties, then select the shortcut tab

5.Add /server:Singularity and press OK (Make sure to add a space before the backslash.)

The final look of the Target line would look something like this:

"C:\evetest\eve.exe" /server:Singularity

6.Then double click on the shortcut and log in

If there is a new patch available it should autopatch to the new client version for Singularity

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