Monday, September 19, 2011

Pwned Factor

For years Pwned Factor & The Seventh Day have been developing methods designed to streamline EVE Online’s steep learning curve. The key is the simplification of information.

At first glance EVE Online seems exceedingly complex and it can boggle the mind. But by streamlining the information that is presented to you, PWNED Factor and our associate corporations have been succeeding where other training establishments have failed.

The truth is that EVE Online is not much different from other MMORPG’s (although people like to think that it is) All of the same principles apply, it is just that instead of our tanks wielding swords & magic they are metal spaceships called “Drakes” & "Abaddons" and our “Healers” a.k.a “Healing Space Wizards” are called Logistics ships. They operate in exactly the same way as you would expect their counterparts in other MMORPG's to operate, in other MMO style games.

Our tutorials, forums and archives are designed to show you, the player, how easy EVE Online can really be. We cut out all of the garbage and get strait to the point. Think of it as “EVE Online For Dummies” where you, the player, can access a refreshing new view on how EVE Online can (and IMO should) be played.

Anyone can learn how to do this…
& the teamwork & community that PVP will inspire will revitalize your gaming experience ten fold.

All you need is the patience…